Ulster Scots


Ulster Scots Programme

In the 2014/2015 school year Carrowdore Primary School was very pleased to welcome tutors from the Ulster Scots Society to our school to deliver the Ulster Scots Flagship Starter Programme.  For 10 weeks Primary 5 and 6 enjoyed workshops on Ulster Scots music, language, dance and culture.  These included fiddle, tin whistle and bagpipe playing, Scottish country dancing, language, history, drama and singing. 


In our tenth, school-based workshop in June 2015 we engaged in a number of activities.  We sang some Ulster Scots songs including ‘My Aunt Jane’ and Greba Lasses (Greyabbey Girls!).  Mrs Summerhill taught everyone some basic Scottish Highland Dancing steps and Mr Brown came into school to read some Ulster Scots poetry with a local flavour.  ‘The Kilhoose Dance’ by Wilbur Magill is a narrative poem about the dances held in the old orange hall in Carrowdore which is still there and is still known as the ‘Kiln House’ today.  Primary 5 and 6 also used the ICT suite to research Scottish Clan names and their tartans.  Of particular interest were the surnames of pupils in our school such as Stewart, Robertson, Taylor and Baxter.


In 2015/2016 we hope to continue in the Ulster Scots Flagship Programme with tin whistle tuition for Primary 4 to 7 pupils from November 2015  and Scottish Country Dancing classes after Christmas.