Stem Challenges...

Each Friday Primary 7 complete a STEM Challenge or activity. Follow our progress below...

STEM Challenge 1: Construct a tower of cups and place a lego person on the top of the tower WITHOUT touching the cups or the lego person. We had alot of fun completing this challenge!

STEM Challenge 2: The Great Paper Chain Challenge: Each team was provided with one A3 page, a pair of scissors and a glue stick. They had 30 minutes to create the longest paper chain that they could. We then went outside to measure the paper chains. As we had been learning how to convert measurements (from cm-mm-m) we incorporated this into our STEM Challenge. There were lots of different approaches and strategies during the construction stage!

Well done to Chloe and Harrison who had the longest paper chain and worked extremely well in their group. 

STEM Challenge 3: Make a balloon powered car: Each person was provided with the same resources: 2 drinking straws, 2 skewers, sellotape, masking tape, polystyrene, small piece of card, paper plate, drinking cup and a balloon. Each person had 30 minutes to try and create a balloon powered car that could move 1m. What a great morning we had completing this STEM challenge.

Well done to Amy and Bella as they were the only people who managed to create a balloon powered car that moved!

STEM Challenge 4: Aeroplanes. We had alot of fun today making paper aeroplanes and racing them in the playground! We loved it so much that we made lots more over the weekend. Follow there link for some fantastic aeroplane ideas... 


STEM Challenge 5: Follow a design brief to make a 3D monkey face from an egg box! The children were provided with a design brief, scissors, masking tape and paint. This challenge tested their ability to follow instructions, cut accurately and join neatly and securely. 

STEM Challenge 6: Can you step through an A4 page? This was a really fun STEM challenge. Initially ALL the children thought this was impossible, their initial attempts provided lots of laughter in our classroom. After 10 mins of trying I showed the class how to successfully complete this task. The class then had a go. I honestly have as much fun as the children doing these tasks on a Friday!!