Welcome to P5 


Welcome to Primary Five.  Mrs McDonnell teaches P5 on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and Miss Roe teaches P5 on Thursday and Friday. 

Mrs McDonnell Miss Roe


Primary Five marks the beginning of Key Stage Two and is a very busy year.  We cover lots of new topics in numeracy and work with numbers up to 10000.  In literacy we continue to develop our reading through work in class and Accelerated Reader and learn to apply grammar rules to our own writing.

We study a range of topics including:

  • Mighty Me
  • Bright Sparks
  • Amazing Australia
  • Natural Disasters
  • Ancient Egyptians


Primary Five have been learning all about the body.  They completed investigations to find out more about how the body digests food.  They found out:

teeth crush and grind food to make it easier to digest,

acid in the stomach helps the body break down the food we eat,

muscles in the body get bigger and smaller to move food through the digestive system and 

chemicals help us get what we need from our food.