Welcome to P4

Welcome to Primary 4!  We are always very busy learning new things, exploring, asking questions, solving problems and having fun.

In P4 Maths we really enjoy learning how to multiply and divide, use big numbers up to 1,000, tell the time and use different graphs and tables! 

Reading, writing, talking and listening activities are great fun as we learn how to use new punctuation marks, improve our grammar, write for lots of different reasons and for different audiences and read stories, poems, lists, facts and anything else we can find! Starting to use joined up handwriting is an exciting time in P4! 

The World Around Us topics include pirates, the Post Office, World War II, underground and our five senses. We love learning about our local area and wider world, about our past and how things have changed. Science investigations and technology projects are good fun and ICT assignments are often popular too!

 We think it’s really important that kids know how to be healthy and happy so our PE sessions focus on teaching skills and having fun while getting lots of exercise. Our PDMU lessons are a great chance to talk about our feelings and friendships and how to stay safe at school and at home. 

During P4 we have lots of opportunities to be creative during music, drama and art activities. We are encouraged to use our imaginations and to try new ideas even if the end result doesn’t quite turn out like we planned! 

Spanish lessons are a special treat with lots of songs and games used to help us learn. RE activities help us to think about decisions we make and how to treat each other based on important stories and people from the Bible and Christian church.